Registred office : Route de Sousse Km 6 Megrine 2033- Tunis
Phone : (216.1) 434 022 / 434276 434 663 Fax : ( 216.1) 434 793
Factory : Belly Village
Phone : (216.2 ) 200 120 / 200 216 Fax : (216 .2) 200 303







                      When SOTIPAPIER was incorporated in 1981, it was the
                 harbinger of a new era in the growth of the HAMROUNI Group. By
             getting involved in the paper industry, the group inaugurated a
          diversification phase into a branch of activity where only large-scale firms can         invest safely. Owing to the soundness of the HAMROUNI Group, SOTIPAPIER       soon rose to the forefront of kraft paper suppliers on the tunisian market.

As the leader in its field, SOTIPAPIER can only be compared to the largest packaging  firms such as SOGEMBAL or STEM. In order to help meet growing demand,  SOTIPAPIER produces over 2000 Tons per month. There is no secret to  SOTIPAPIER's success. It owes its achievement to the anticipation outlook which is  present in every one of its team of 250 employees. By locating its facilities in the small   farming village of Belli (35 km southeast of Tunis), SOTIPAPIER gave a new
   economic boost to the whole region.


              It was also anticipatory, on SOTIPAPIER's part, to be one of the first
                 companies to show concern for the environment by installing
                     a waste water treatment system and investing in cardboard
                           recycling. Along the same lines, the Belli plant was
                               equiped with the most recent energy-saving
                                       and quality-control technologies.







                                 Further instances of anticipating key
                            developments are to be found in SOTIPAPIER's
                        decisions, firstly, to diversify into Clupak paper and,
                 secondly, to adapt its facilities to the production of printing and
               writing paper.