Registred Office & Factory : GP 1 km 12 BP 80 Ezzahra 2034 Phone : (216.1) 450 226 / 450 010 Fax : (216.1) 452 518
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                   New proof of the dynamic approach of the HAMROUNI Group
               was given in 1989 when it set up the Comptoir tunisien de Transport            des Marchandises (CTTM), the leading private company in this branch of         activity. CTTM is not a run-of-the-mill carrier. Its difference lies in its rekiable       and competent team whose gospel is performance.


   With a pool of 50 motor trucks, all with mobile phones, and 80 trailers, CTTM can    meet the requirements of conventioal transportation as well as more specific needs,    such us crude oil transportation, under optimal conditions of safety and reliability.


     At CTTM, performance is synonymous with punctuality. Its service is available 24        hours a day. In addition, the firm has its own maintenance unit. Lastly, our          performance is based on paying careful attention to our customer's whishes. In            order to provide them with the appropriate service for their requirements,
             CTTM has set up an office on every worksite.